Recording Studio - Rehesal room in Pescara, Italy

Recording Studio - Coworking

The recording studio offers the possibility of recording your personal tracks with the exclusive technical assistance of our control room, or in total independence with the coworking service.

Mastering Online

Have you recorded your song and do you need the "master touch" to make your music production flawless? Discover our Mastering Online service!

Rehearsal Room

AM-Lab Studio inaugurates its new rehearsal room and adapts it to meet even the most common needs of our dear musician friends. Discover our instrumentation by clicking here.

Production, Placement e Management

If you are a musician full of ideas and  you are just waiting for the opportunity to make your works be listened, our AM-PRO section with Franco Fraccastoro can be for you! Visit the dedicated page and send us your tracks by clicking here.

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