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Ableton live course level 2 (EU)

Ableton live course level 2 (EU)


Teacher: ANNA DISCLAIM- Ableton certified trainer

The course is on-line one-to-one with your teacher - AM_Lab: study where and when you want


Level 2 (20 sessions)

1. Insert vs Send FX

2. Principles of Sound (Sound Theory)

3. Audio FX pt.2- EQ

4. Audio FX pt3-Compression

5. Audio FX pt3- Reverb, Delay (Creative FX)

6. FX Rack pt1.

7. FX Rack pt2.

8. Instrument Rack pt1.

9. Instrument Rack pt2.

10. MIDI Controllers, External Devices, Routing

11. Macros and MIDI Mapping

12. Working with 3rd party plug ins

13. Automation pt2.

14. Audio to MIDI Conversion pt1

15. Audio to MIDI Conversion pt2

16. Session Management, colour coding, groupin (Preparing to mix down)

17. Mixing Techniques pt1

18. Mixing Techniques pt2.

19. Intro to Mastering

20. Exporting the mix, stems

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