Cubase 10.5 (FOR BEGINNERS)

Cubase 10.5 (FOR BEGINNERS)

€500.00 Regular Price
€450.00Sale Price

- 20 online sessions (45 min)

- contact us for trial lesson

- after final test you will receive OFFICIAL STEINBERG CERTIFICATION

- Steinberg software discount up to 50%



    Set up home studio

    Cubase technologies (asio etc)

    Audio track

    Midi track

    Fx track: routing and use


    Folder and group tracks

    The mediabay: compose with the mediabay

    Recording and editing of the audio track

    Recording and editing of the MIDI track

    The main effects (delay, compressor, limiter etc)

    The mix: basic concepts

    Export the finished track

  • Note:

    Price + 25 euros for final test and certification

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