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New Course: Cubase 10.5 - 101

€500.00 Regular Price
€450.00Sale Price

(EN) This course is for entry-level students that have never work with Cubase and want to start to make music with it.

The course is make up of 20 sessions

 At the end of the course you'll have the STEINBERG OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION (+ 25 euros for final test and certification).

You can also use the trial session

1 euro: 15 min trial session

Software: Cubase Elements or bigger versions.

If you want to have a quote for entire course contact us amlabcenter@gmail.com

The course is on-line one-to-one with your teacher - AM-LAb: study where and when you want.

(Max. 3 students)



(IT)Il corso ha come obiettivo introdurre lo studente alla principali funzioni di Cubase

Il corso e’composto da 20 sessioni

 Alla fine del corso avrai la CERTIFICAZIONE UFFICIALE STEINBERG (+25 euro per il test finale e la certificazione).

Puoi anche effettuare una trial session

1 euro: 15 min trial session

Il software richiesto e’ Cubase Elements o versioni superiori.

Se vuoi avere un preventivo per l'intero corso contattaci amlabcenter@gmail.com

Il corso e’ on-line one-to-one con il tuo insegnante - Con AM-Lab: studia dove e quando vuoi.

(Massimo 3 studenti)

  • Programm

    Set up home studio

    Cubase technologies (asio etc)

    Audio track

    Midi track

    Fx track: routing and use


    Folder and group tracks

    The mediabay: compose with the mediabay

    Recording and editing of the audio track

    Recording and editing of the MIDI track

    The main effects (delay, compressor, limiter etc)

    The mix: basic concepts

    Export the finished track

  • Note:

    Price + 25 euros for final test and certification

    (Max. 3 students)