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Course: Cubase 10 Pro User (first level)


(EN) This course starts from the basic features of Cubase up to the more complex features of Cubase Pro 10  Focus: audio.

The course is make up of 30 sessions.
At the end of the course you'll have the STEINBERG OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION.

We offer a trial session 15 min 1 euros
If you want to have a quote for entire course contact us amlabcenter@gmail.com

The course is on-line one-to-one with your teacher - AM-Lab: study where  and when you want

(IT) Questo corso parte dalle funzionalità di base di Cubase fino alle funzionalità più complesse di Cubase Pro 10 Focus: audio.

Il corso è composto da 30 sessioni da 50 minuti.

Offriamo una trail version 15 min 1 euro
Se vuoi avere un preventivo per l'intero corso contattaci amlabcenter@gmail.com
Il corso è on-line one-to-one con il tuo insegnante - AM-Lab: studia dove e quando vuoi

  • Programm

    Setting up your system - Audio devices and asio driver 

    Steinberg controller and audio devices

    Project Window 

    Project Setup

    The track list File

    Inspector Editing

    Tools VST Connection

    Virtual Instruments   

    Transport panel  

    Background Operations

    The Pool

    Background Window overview Operations 

    Fades, crossfades, and envelopes 

    Mix console (64 bit)

    VCA  direct routing 

    Control room

    Audo Recording:

    1) Metronome

    2) Comp track

    3)  Track Version

    New channel strip

    Automation – virgin territory and all new system

    Audio processing and functions - musical mode, editing multitracks

    Processing Off-Line, Plug in (Magneto II, VST AMPrack, morphing filter, dj filter, etc) deesser, multiband compressor, envelope shaper, expander, quadrafuzz 2, VSTbass amp, NEW side-chain, Distroyer

    VariAudio 3

    Audio Alignment

    Quantizing Audio - AudioWarp Quantizing, Multiple Audio tracks

    Sample Editor - Window overview (Variaudio, hitpoints etc.)

    NEW Direct Offline Processing

    Audio Part Editor 

    NEW sampler

    FX Track

    Chord track – chord pads

    Folder track – group track

    Signature  track– BPM track 

    Transpose track and arranger track

  • Note:

    Price + 25 euros for final test and certification