Cubase (PRO USER)

Cubase (PRO USER)

€440.00 Regular Price
€396.00Sale Price

- contact us for price and trial lesson

- 60 online sessions (45 min)

- after final test you will receive OFFICIAL STEINBERG CERTIFICATION

- Steinberg software discount up to 50%

- 440 euro  (first part of 3 payments)


    Setting up your system - Audio devices and asio driver  

    Steinberg controller and audio devices 

    Project Window / Project Setup 

    The track list / Inspector  

    Transport panel  / The Pool 

    Fades, crossfades, and envelopes  

    Import track 

    Mix console:

    1) VCA  

    2)  direct routing 

    3) Control room 

    4) Audio Alignment 

    5) Group track 

    Audo recording: 

    1) Metronome 

    2) Comp track 

    3)  Track Version 

    Channel strip 


    Plug in: Magneto II, morphing filter, dj filter, deesser, multiband compressor, envelope shaper, expander, quadrafuzz 2, VSTbass amp,  side-chain, distroyer, multitapdelay etc. 

    Audio Alignment 

    Quantizing Audio - AudioWarp Quantizing, Multiple Audio tracks 

    Sample Editor (Variaudio, hitpoints, etc.) 

    Direct Offline Processing 

    Audio Part Editor  


    Chord track / chord pads 

    Folder track / FX Track 

    Signature track / BPM track  

    Transpose track / arranger track 

    MIDI: 1) Midi track 2) Instrumental track 3) Quantization 4) All MIDI features and plug ALL VSTInstrument Syncronization


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