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Dorico 3 specialist


EN) This course is for producers, musicians conductions who wants to become a specialist of the new version of notation software “Dorico 3

The course: On line / 25 sessions - 45 min each one.

Certification: at the end of the course you will receive the official Steinberg certificate.

You'll fix your session with the other student and the teacher

The course is on-line 1 students 1  teacher - AM-Lab: study where  and when the you want

(IT) Questo corso è rivolto a produttori, arrangiatori  e musicisti chhe vogliono diventare degli Specialist del nuovo  software di notazione "Dorico 3".
Durata: On line / 20 sessioni da 45 min.
Orari  concordati con l'altro studente e il docente
Il corso è on-line 1 studenti 1  insegnante - AM-Lab: studia dove e quando vuoi


    First Steps: getting around, sterting a new project, writing music

    • Dorico Concepts: design philosophy, key musical concepts
    • User interface: hub, windows, setting up your workspace
    • Setup mode: project window in setup mode, players, ensembles, instruments, groups, flows,payouts
    • Write mode: project window in write mode, note input
    • Engrave mode: project window in Engrave mode, master pages, frames, properties in engrave mode
    • Print mode: project window in print mode, printing your layouts, exporting  yout layouts as graphic files, printing/exporting multiple payouts, payout page arrangements for Printing/exporting, handling page sizes and paper sizes, annotations
    • Play video in sync with your project, add markers, and manipulate tempo to compose to picture
    • Edit tempo and MIDI controllers in Play mode with familiar graphical automation control
    • Add ossias, handle complex divisi writing for string sections, and change the number of staves used by an instrument with smart new staff management tools
    •   Quickly write rhythmic slashes and bar repeats for rhythm section parts
    •   Hollywood-style large time signatures draw attention to meter changes in action-packed film score cues
    •  Quickly select, insert, and delete material with the new System Track· Powerful new tools for arrangers, including multi-paste, explode, reduce, and tools to scale existing notes into tuplets of any ratio
    •  Playback of repeat structures, including repeat barlines and repeat endings
    • Condensing
      Guitar tablature
      Guitar bends and pre-bends
      Guitar chord diagrams
      Guitar fingering
      Guitar string indicators
      Harp pedaling
      Playback templates
      Independent voice playback
      Velocity and pitch bend editing
      Soundiron Olympus Choir
      Micro Comments
      Grouped playing techniques