Mastering with WaveLab 10

Mastering with WaveLab 10


- contact us for price and trial lesson

- 25 online sessions (45 min)

- after final test you will receive OFFICIAL STEINBERG CERTIFICATION

- Steinberg software discount up to 50%

- 1 euro trial session 15 min

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    Introduction to Wavelab 10

    Computer configuration

    Overview of the program

    Working with files

    Work area information


    Edit audio file

    Audio analysis

    Spectrum editing

    The loudness

    Offline processing

    Audio editing

    Master Section



    Simplified audio CD

    Writing operation

    DVD audio

    Batch processing

    Analyze the file to burn


    Intensity brilliance and feeling of volume

    The war of loudness

    Add Punchy with multiband compressor

    Add brilliance with an Equalizer

    Add Loudness with in limiter

    The importance of Limter



    Use the crystal resampler and peak master

    Burn an audio CD and DDP

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