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Atmos, Ambisonic Binaural

Atmos, Ambisonic Binaural


Course: on line course or 75% on line and 25% in studo production (it's your choise)

Language:  English or Italian

Sessions: 20 sessions (45 each one). You can fix all the session with your teacher immediately after the payment. We suggest 2 session each meeting

Certification:  the course is certified by Steinberg Media Technologies

Suggestion: we suggest to attend the course to the students that already know a DAW and music production in general


IUDAV University: preparatory for the sound design and dubbing for gamming course. 

- Buying Nuendo with Edu price - around 40% of discount

Teacher: Franco Fraccastoro

Cost: 35 euros for 1 trial session. For the course please send a mail to 


  • Program

    Why immersive audio is so important?

    Introduction to immersive audio format:

    1. Dolby Atmos

    2. Ambisonic

    3. Binaural.

    Nuendo 12: introduction to the DAW

    Nuendo and immersive audio format

    SuperVision for immersive sound

    The dolby atmos: recording  production and mixing

    Import and export ADM files

    Ambisonic: recording production and mixing

    Binaural: the workflow

    Switch from Atmos to Binaural and from Ambisonic to Binaural

    Immerse technologies for Binaural format

    Ambisonic and HMD: the virtual reality and gamming market

    Synt Nuendo with a 3D video player and produce an Ambisonic and Binaural format for gamming production and VR AR project,




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