Video Course Cubase Pro - entry 101 (VIDEO COURSE)

Video Course Cubase Pro - entry 101 (VIDEO COURSE)

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- ITA course with ENG subtitle

- 10 video lessons (one of wich created by Steinberg Product Specialist: Franco Fraccastoro)

- watch lessons whenever you want on your pc


    The video course consists of 10 units, one of which was created by Steinberg Product Specialist Franco Fraccastoro.

    - Creating and saving a project

    You will learn how to create a project and save it correctly in a directory 

    - The Setup

    In this lesson you will understand how to best configure your sound card. The topics will be: latency the buffer size sampling rate sound card input and output management creation of an audio bus

    - The Project Window

    The topics covered are the various areas of work present in Cubase: the inspector the editor how to manage the visibility of the tracks in the mixer the VSTi area, media, control room, level indicator 

    - Audio Track

    You will learn to: Create an audio track Use the features of the audio inspector Manage monitoring Load track presets Use track versions Use the lanes

    -Midi Track

    You will learn to: Create a midi instrument track Use the VST Groove Agent SE Use rhythmic patterns Write in MIDI quantizing Configure the metronome

    - FX Track

    At the end of this video you will know: Create an FX track When to use an insert effect or when to insert it into the send Distinguish the effects placed in the pre - fader from those inserted in the post - fader  

    - The Mixer

    In this lesson you will be shown all the main features of the mixer: The Q-Link: how to manage multiple tracks simultaneously The Pan How to create groups How to create folders  

    - The Mediabay

    You will learn to use Mediabay in your productions in order to increase your creativity and speed up the compositional process  

    - Editing

    You will learn to: Cut and paste a track Use the fade in and the fade out Manage the Snap function Increase or decrease the gain Mute portions of a track How to edit multiple tracks simultaneously or Group Editing  

    - Export

    In this last lesson you will be shown in detail the whole export process which will then allow you to listen to your production with your favorite program (VLC, Itune, Media Player etc ...)

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