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VIDEO COURSE Cubase 10.5

(entry level)
*IT Language

5 reasons to choose the 10 video lessons

• ITA course with ENG subtitle

• 10 video lessons


• 1 video lesson was created by Steinberg product specialist Franco Fraccastoro


• you will receive the links to watch the videos when and how many times you want


• Special introductory offer 30€

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1 - Make a new project and save it

      you will learn how to create a project and save it correctly in a directory

2 - Setup

      in this lesson we'll show you how to best configure your audio interface

3 - Main Windows

      we will deal with the various work areas present in Cubase:

       • Inspector

       • Editor

       • how to manage the visibility of the tracks in the mixer

       • VSTi, media, control room, level indicator

4 - Audio Track

      you will learn to:

       • create an audio track

       • use the features of the audio inspector

       • manage monitoring

       • load track presets

       • use the track versions

       • use lanes

5 - MIDI Track

     you will learn to:

       • create a midi instrument track

       • use the VST Groove Agent SE

       • use rhythmic patterns

       • write MIDI

       • quantize

       • configure the metronome

6 - FX Track

      at the end of this video you will know:

       • create an FX track

       • when to use an insert effect or when to insert it into the send

       • differentiate the effect placed in post-fader  or pre-fader

7 - Mixer

     in this lesson we will show you all the main features of the mixer:

      • Q-Link: how to manage multiple tracks simultaneously

      • Pan

      • how to create groups

      • how to create folders

8 - Mediabay

     you will learn to use Mediabay in your productions to increase your creativity and speed up the compositional               process


9 - Editing

     you will learn to:

     • cut and paste a track

     • use the fade in and fade out

     • manage the function Snap

     • increase or decrease the gain

     • mute portions of track

     • edit multiple tracks simultaneously

10 - Export

       in this last lesson we will explain in detail the whole export process which will then allow you to listen or share       

      your production


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